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I’m Back! (ish)

I’m Back! (ish) I say, I’m back – my DWP sponsored maternity period has expired, but really I’m much more “not back”, than I am “back”.  Hence the ish. To fill you in, I am now the proud mother of an amazing baby girl.  I couldn’t be happier and she couldn’t be... Read more

Don’t follow your dreams

WTF?  A coach, writing an article entitled “Don’t follow your dreams?”  What next, a nutritionist telling you to eat processed food? The coaching world is absolutely choc-a-bloc with articles and courses on how to smash your goals, make your dreams come true and... Read more

Not all coaching is created equal.

The path into using a coach goes a little bit like this: You feel that something is missing.  You feel that something isn’t quite right.  You feel that in some way your life, or your business or your job needs to be, in some way, better.  Or perhaps you think you need... Read more

The Business Illusion

Question – What have you ever experienced outside of awareness? Answer – Nothing. We live in a world of apparent form and realness. Assuming things to be fixed and finite in time and space.  When on closer investigation it turns out that the only way any... Read more