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Hiring a Wellbeing Coach

Wellbeing – the sense of ‘being’ within which wellness is always present. Why Wellbeing?Due to increased poor mental and emotional health, as well as stress-related illnesses, costing employers and the NHS a lot of money, wellbeing has been brought to the forefront of... Read more

Leadership and the Ego

The work I do as a Leadership coach has a stark difference to the usual training given in our culture. The essential difference to the teaching and coaching that I offer to leaders and managers is a foundational understanding, which is not addressed in regular... Read more

Mindfulness for Staff

Mindfulness – the buzz word of staff wellbeing, but how easy is it to achieve?!

The idea makes sense, but how easy is it in practice to divert your busy mind to exclusively concentrate on one thing?

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Always thinking about work?

Does your mind churn, every evening, overnight, at the weekends? Always thinking about work. What’s coming up, problems that could arise, what your colleagues/clients may think of you? With all that on your mind, it’s reasonable to conclude that your work... Read more