Category: Executive Coaching

Imagine – Leadership de-personalised…

Imagine a leader who never took anything personally. Imagine a leader who could see through ‘disrespectful’ behaviour and see someone who didn’t understand why they were being asked to do what they were doing, and felt vulnerable and confused. Imagine a leader who... Read more

True Leadership Programme

A 6 month programme bringing new meaning to the phrase “Lead from within”  Forget theory and strategy – True Leadership comes from within.  From knowing and understanding our true nature, and acting from that place.  This 6 month programme will be... Read more

Change Management

…and why we avoid change. If there is one thing that we can be certain of in life, it’s that we can’t be certain of anything.  Absolutely everything that we consider real or solid in our lives is subject to change at some point and in some way.  All things are... Read more

Wellbeing in the workplace

I provide bespoke training, seminars and 121s for clients who want to help their employees maintain wellbeing in the workplace. My approach is totally different to what’s considered the ‘normal’ approach to this currently prolific issue, so I wanted to dedicate this... Read more