Develop Yourself

and become the Main Character in your life again

    • Do you feel a little stuck, overwhelmed or under-fulfilled?

    • Would you like to have more of a sense of “moving forward” in your life?

    • Do you need more direction, confidence or accountability?

    • Would you really benefit from having “space held” for you to work through the various challenges and concerns of your life?


    If you said yes to any one of the above, then I can help.  

    Life Coaching is all about showing up for yourself, finding your groove and getting the support needed to make that possible.  I have a variety of coaching, therapeutic and training skills to choose from in finding the right approach to work with you.  

    I am very gentle in my approach and understand that you are a whole-person with multiple elements that influence and affect your life and behaviour.  I work with that whole person, rather than just setting you goals to achieve or fail against.  Many people find their best intentions and greatest efforts don’t get them where they are trying to go, as they are hampered by their conditioning, self protective behaviour and beliefs that they hold about the world.  

    For others, they have no problem getting to where they are trying to going, but the sense of meaning and fulfilment never quite sticks.

    In either case, we use life coaching to look at the bigger picture, find out what makes you tick, what your inner conflicts are and how they are trying to help you.  I then help you to ground into your true sense of self, release your conditioning and find your way forward.  This involves gentle and compassionate inner work, for those who are open to it, as well as practical steps to take as “homework” between each appointment.


    Why Life Coaching Works

     We are all perfectly imperfect human beings, capable of incredible things. For many of us, our limited ideas of who we are can get the in way of us realising the best of ourselves and having a more harmonious experience of life, our relationships, careers, businesses and so forth. In many cases, the way that we are trying to improve ourselves by working on these things, comes from a sense of lack, thus keeping us further from the truth of who we are and seeing the transformation we desire!

    As your Life Coach, I would help you to identify what doesn’t serve you and empower you to find your path forward, releasing the “lack” and helping you rediscover who you really are. Taking back your role as the main character in your life again, rather than being a rudderless boat on the ocean of life!  If you want to access this wonderful version of you, please get in touch.  

    I can help you with that. In a safe, empowering 121 coaching environment (in person or via Zoom) I can help you to understand your true nature and turn your back on the stress, depression, anxiety or overwhelm and feeling unfulfilled, getting you back to the state from which wonderful things can then be created – from within.



    Working with Vicky was really thought provoking and she gave me lots of good insights on how to think more positively about the things I was finding difficult. It really increased my confidence which I have maintained to this day.

    C - Southend

    Vicky Kelly Life Coach

    If you love the idea of going on a personal transformative journey, but feel the cost of 121 coaching is prohibitive, you might be interested in Optimised Life Miracle Membership.  Together with my amazing friend and colleague Ali Scott, I am running a group online coaching programme, taking a Whole Person approach to wellbeing.  The link to more information is here:  Optimised Life.

    Want to know more about how I can help? Drop me a line or give me a call. A successful coaching relationship depends upon a great rapport, so it’s important to talk. I want to get to know you, see inside your world and we can assess how we’d go from there!