Get Back to You Recording

Catch up on the seminar when it suits you…

If you missed this seminar, you didn’t miss out. 

It was recorded and is now available for viewing.  This is the first seminar in a series of 6.  The other 5 you can either join live (in person) or catch up on the videos later.

Seminar Synopsis

You already have what you think you need…


But society and our conditioning teaches us otherwise, so we chase the idea that we need to be better somewhere ‘out there’ and end up further and further away from who we really are.  This seminar gently peels back the ideas that have accumulated over time. Labels, names, behaviours, roles, ideas of how we’re perceived that we think define us. Taking us back to who we are at our core before all of these beliefs were piled on top. Where everything we need to be happy, to flourish, is at our fingertips.


Looking into this is essential and it makes sense of all the problems we want to solve in ourselves, our work and in the world. 


Please note – this is NOT about positive thinking. It’s appropriate if you want to do well professionally, or if you just wish to be more satisfied in life.

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Tickets are £25

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