Experiment with letting go

Mar 5, 2019 | True Nature

What if we’re not this body?

What if we’re not this idea of a separate self called <insert your name>?  What if who we really are is the awareness of the experience of <insert your name>?  What would that mean?!

It would be that <insert your name> can let go.  He or she can stop strategising and agonising.  Stop worrying and chasing.  Instead, opening up, expanding into the space where you can flow with what feels good and right in the moment.  Flow with an open heart, without fears and limits.  Knowing that you aren’t <insert your name> so there is no way that anything could happen to <insert your name> that would be any kind of problem.

If you were playing the part of a character in a film, you’d flow with the script, going where it takes your character.  It would be nonsensical to do anything else.

What if that’s how life is meant to be lived?  Instead of restricted, personal-agenda based behaviour; letting go and flowing with the script.  Being open to the guidance of the director, of the great awareness that guides your behaviours to the things that make sense to do?  Instead of affirmations, expectations and divided loyalties; being outcome-free. 

Just in it for the journey.  The experience.  The experiment.

The experiment in letting go.  Join me?

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