Know Yourself – Save the World

Mar 20, 2019 | True Nature

Emissions are soaring.  The temperature is rising.  All the plastic that has ever been produced still exists today. 

The problem is obvious, and the solutions appear to be, but there’s something in the way.

That thing is the belief that who we are is limited to our bodies. 

We’ve been brought up to look after number one, to compare ourselves to others and to get ahead.  All of this teaches the conditioning of a “separate me”.  This separate self feels isolated and vulnerable, so it seeks security through protecting and promoting itself in a world of separate others.  It values money over community and convenience over the environment.  

This separate self that struggles and strives to be okay is also known as the ego.  The needs of the ego are vast and escalating.  As the world around us progresses, there is a constant belief that we need to keep up or get trampled over.  It’s this insecurity, this belief, that has us turning a blind eye to how much waste comes as a result of our (often totally unnecessary) consumption.  It has us thinking that we can’t make a difference, as we aren’t in control of what power sources are used to supply our energy.  It has us believing that we need to consume the flesh and products of the hugely polluting meat and dairy industry.*

It doesn’t matter how much education we get on what this is doing to the planet, it won’t change while insecure selves that believe they need all these things are running the show.  While “looking after number one” seems like a valid behaviour. 

It’s not all bad news.  Small groups of people around the world are learning to understand themselves differently.  To see beyond the limitations of their own body and mind, to the much bigger sense of Self that they are.  This is essential.  We can’t convince a global community to change their habits if we don’t help them to understand that they aren’t their egos.  That they aren’t limited to their bodies.  Without helping them to see that they are something much more. 

With this expanded understanding, the feelings of lack and separation that drive consumption are no longer powerful.  We see through the belief that a new pair of shoes will make us feel good, or that we need to upgrade our car, house etc, every 3 years.  With this understanding, we see that “I am” no more Vicky that I am Rajesh, Sarah or Tallulah.   I am no more 2019 than I am 2119.  Thus the only thing that makes sense is to look after the environment that sustains all of life, with every nation and every generation considered.  Because we are not separate.

*Just a few examples that popped in. By no means, an exhaustive list and I am not claiming to be eco-perfect myself.

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