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I’m Vicky and I’m a coach. I care passionately about People, the Planet & Profits for those who are doing ‘good’ business. I specialise in coaching businesses and individuals who want to know their own potential and increase their bottom line… sustainably.

I work with the 3 Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought – pointing you in the direction of how understanding these principles can radically improve your experience of life, work and business…

Develop Yourself

Life Coaching & Personal Evolution Programmes

Grow Your Business

Business Coaching – proper plans & profits for sustainable businesses

Develop Your People

Programmes for Potential Realisation in the workplace

Want to know more about how I can help? Drop me a line or give me a call. A successful coaching relationship depends upon a great rapport, so it’s important to talk. I want to get to know you, see inside your world and we can assess how we’d go from there!


Fancy exploring some of these things in a like-minded group setting?

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We started working with Vicky 3 or 4 years ago, it’s been a successful partnership. She’s challenged and cajoled, nudged and nagged and got us singing from the same hymn sheet.

Our vision is clear, everyone in the business buys in and we’re moving in the right direction. Revenue has increased each year in a sustainable way with Vicky’s help being a major part of that.

We wouldn’t be where we are without her.

Vicky is great to work with. She’s a lovely person, who helps you get things done, sweeps away confusion and replaces it with clarity. If you want to grow your business get her on board!

Jon Law


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Business Coaching

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Dealing with Stress

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Executive Coaching & Training

Bespoke coaching and training programmes for your team are available from Butterfly Effect Coaching. Get your training done in-house and to the needs of your organisation!   What's on offer My main focus is potential realisation, and for that I...

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How Life Coaching Works

Many think that a life coach will tell you how to live your life for the better. However, life coaching using the 3 Principles is different. Your experience is your experience.  It’s created from thought which is an inside-out experience....

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