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I’m Vicky and I’m a coach. I care passionately about People, the Planet & Profits for those who are doing ‘good’ business. I specialise in coaching businesses and individuals who want to know their own potential and increase their bottom line… sustainably.

I work with the Inside Out understanding (also known as Non-duality) – exploring and uncovering with you a different understanding of how things work, which can radically improve your experience of life, work and business…

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Life Coaching & Personal Evolution Programmes

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Business Coaching – proper plans & profits for sustainable businesses

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Programmes for Potential Realisation in the workplace

Want to know more about how I can help? Drop me a line or give me a call. A successful coaching relationship depends upon a great rapport, so it’s important to talk. I want to get to know you, see inside your world and we can assess how we’d go from there!


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We started working with Vicky 3 or 4 years ago, it’s been a successful partnership. She’s challenged and cajoled, nudged and nagged and got us singing from the same hymn sheet.

Our vision is clear, everyone in the business buys in and we’re moving in the right direction. Revenue has increased each year in a sustainable way with Vicky’s help being a major part of that.

We wouldn’t be where we are without her.

Vicky is great to work with. She’s a lovely person, who helps you get things done, sweeps away confusion and replaces it with clarity. If you want to grow your business get her on board!

Jon Law


Imagine – Leadership de-personalised…

Imagine a leader who never took anything personally. Imagine a leader who could see through ‘disrespectful’ behaviour and see someone who didn’t understand why they were being asked to do what they were doing, and felt vulnerable and confused....

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The Business Illusion

Question - What have you ever experienced outside of awareness? Answer - Nothing. We live in a world of apparent form and realness. Assuming things to be fixed and finite in time and space.  When on closer investigation it turns out that the...

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Who we are knows no ‘Wrong’

Following on from my article on the futility of trying to get life right, it felt important to turn attention to why we’re okay not to pursue getting it right. Simply put, who we really are doesn’t care.  Who we really are cares not what car we drive, how...

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The futility of trying to get life RIGHT

Pause for a moment and consider how much of your behaviour is driven by some kind of attempt to get life right.  Whatever right means to you.  Whatever that behaviour may be.  Healthy eating, treating yourself, exercising, relaxing, spending...

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Workplace wellbeing seminars (with a difference)

Your wellbeing is always with you. State of mind and employee wellbeing is a hot topic - with incidences of stress, anxiety and depression being higher than they’ve ever been.  No doubt your organisation takes seriously the wellbeing of your...

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True Leadership Programme

A 6 month programme bringing new meaning to the phrase "Lead from within"  Forget theory and strategy - True Leadership comes from within.  From knowing and understanding our true nature, and acting from that place.  This 6 month programme will...

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Finding Yourself

What does finding yourself really mean? Does it mean working out what your passion is?  Finding a special groove for yourself in the world?  Deciding your next career move?  Working out how to behave in certain situations?  Finding some rules...

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An Ordinary Weirdo

For around a decade now I have been on a very very ordinary spiritual journey. When we speak of spirituality, we might imagine incense burning, chanting, communicating with deceased relatives or other worldly beings, casting aside all...

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Chasing Perfection (or ‘good enough’)

How much time do we spend chasing being perfect, getting things spot on, being ‘good enough’? Even the most slapdash amongst us have certain standards that we think we need to meet!  Whether it’s time spent on the tasks themselves, or just the mental...

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Finding who we really are

Have you ever experienced the draining feeling that can accompany the effort involved in keeping up the appearance you are trying to present yourself to the world?  Or working to meet what you perceive others expect of you? Trying to reach the goals that...

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